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Current News          

Debra is currently working on her own creative project - The Alphabet Monologues.  26 female monologues / 26 male monologues - each one a different name A-Z.  Debra is writing, casting, directing and producing this online project with a team of filmmakers. A new monologue is uploaded each week throughout 2017. Have a watch here The Alphabet Monologues Youtube Channel


Recent Work 

Debra is currently working on a web series.  East Street Mary and Dave follows a married couple, obsessed with Bruce Springsteen who will go to extraordinary lengths to prove they are superfans.  Created, written and filmed by Daniel Johnson, episode 1 of the web series can be seen here East Street Mary and Dave

Debra is again working with the award winning director of Night Bus, Simon Baker, on his next feature film. 90 Minutes is set around a Sunday League football match on Hackney Marshes and follows the (mis)fortunes of various characters on and around the pitch. Released summer 2017.